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1434484716960Time for a harsh reality check… You can change the label, but you cannot change what marriage is.  Whether you believe it to be a sacrament instituted by God or evolutionary process forming a permanently mated pair in h. sapiens, gays may try to copy what marriage is; they may even maintain a long-term relationship and do so better than some heterosexual couples, but it will still be an imitation.  To change the label cannot ever change that.

The real problem didn’t begin with same-sex marriage, but in people forgetting what marriage is even between men and women.

Beyond this, regardless of the “out” for religious objection, Christians are the real target of this ruling.  Regardless of the First Amendment right being protected by law, there is no protection from the cost of the lawsuits that will be used to persecute the Church.  If there’s any doubt of this latter, Justice Roberts reminds us,

Indeed, the Solicitor General candidly acknowledged that the tax exemptions of some religious institutions would be in question if they opposed same-sex marriage. See Tr. of Oral Arg. on Question 1, at 36–38.

Christians are already losing their businesses and homes over their Faith here in America.  They already face being fined.  Being jailed for your Faith – if Canada is any example – is not that far away.  I don’t believe those who say it won’t come to that.  Back in the mid-90’s we were told gays weren’t after marriage – remember the Civil Union?  Back in the mid-2000’s we were told they weren’t after our religious beliefs.  I guess that’s only true unless you’re a baker or photographer.

The president of the Southern Baptist Convention has a message regarding the looming Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage: We will not obey.

Source: Southern Baptists: Supreme Court is not final authority on gay marriage | Fox News

Now that it is coming to the point of stand for what God teaches or lose your job, your home or even your freedom – as in jail – here in America, it will be interesting to see how many people are Christians-in-name-only.

Apple has unveiled its new $9.99 per month streaming music service and a 24 hour online radio station called Beats One to take on Spotify and Tidal, Jay Z’s service.

Source: Apple unveils Music streaming service to take on Spotify and Tidal | Daily Mail Online

So we have what???

  • A music service that will have to compete with Spotify, Pandora and Apple’s own free iTunes radio, not to mention all the other online radio stations that are available like TuneIn, I <3 Radio and even YouTube.  All of which are free or have free options.  Oh, and also Amazon Prime’s rather impressive library, if you happen to have that service (which also includes free shipping and Prime Videos).
  • News sounds like Apple has finally decided Flipboard or Bing may be good ideas.
  • A pay service – Apple Pay – that hardly anybody is using here in the U.S.
  • Plus we get some OS updates that are finally *beginning* to catch up with Android and Windows 8.
  • About those billion Siri requests?  How many of those requests include the 2 or 3 times you ask something before giving up and typing it manually?  Or kids just asking silly questions to see what response is generated?

I hate to say this, because I love my iPhone 6, but I’m beginning to get some PalmOS deja vu.

TMZ reports Star Trek actress Nichelle Nichols suffered a mild stroke Wednesday night.

Source: ‘Star Trek’ actress Nichelle Nichols reportedly suffered stroke | Fox News

Oh, no!  You are in our prayers Nichelle.  Get better soon.