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OUAT – In the Name of the Brother (s2e12)

Posted: January 30, 2013 in Once
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I continue to be impressed by Once Upon A Time‘s willingness to take chances.  They certainly did that again in this episode in creating Dr. Whale/Frankenstein’s Land Without Color.  To take the idea of black and white films then extrapolate a whole land that exists in black and white was utter brilliance.  It also provides a perfect jumping off point for the third part of my discussion on magic; this time the nature of magic within the series. (more…)

Welcome to Antonio’s Corner

Posted: January 27, 2013 in Antonio's Corner

Hi there!

My son, Antonio – aka Geek Junior – has expressed an interest in having some space for his own musings.  Since it may help his writing for homeschool, and since Geekness everywhere is something to be fostered, I have been happy to oblige.

Expect to see Star Wars: The Clone Wars, TMNT, Minecraft and whatever geekery is interesting to a 9-year old on this page.

The last 25 years have been hard for the atheistic worldview, in my opinion. Not on the biological front so much as from the cosmological perspective. Also note that I say the “atheistic worldview” not the atheist personally. For most atheists I’ve known, their position – regardless the claim – is one held by faith rather than reason as much as most Christians. This is sad, since if you actually study history, theology and science, Christianity is a most reasonable position.

The Cosmological finding of the last quarter century certainly lend, at best, a great deal of credence to a theistic worldview and the Judeo-Christian one in particular. At worst there is a marked convergence between some of the cosmological tenants of atheism and Christianity that should provide pause for the atheist. That’s what I want to think about here. (more…)

TFTF – The Finale

Posted: January 25, 2013 in Sci-Fi and Fantasy, TFTF
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Sad, but satisfying, this is the final Thoughts From the Fringe that will be produced for Fringecasting with Wayne and Dan. I would urge you to catch their most recent podcast. It’s one of the best series wraps I’ve heard!

Hi Wayne and Dan,

Raul from, here with my Thoughts From the Fringe on episodes 12 and 13 – The Finale. Yes, I know the hours are individually named, but for me these will be – in the best possible sense – The Finale.

While I loved this double episode – it gets a 9.9 ambered Gene’s – this is still proving the most difficult Thoughts I’ve compiled of the series. (more…)

I owe another “Thank You” to Scott and Miles from The SciFi Diner Podcast for their generous permission in allowing me to post another of my Top 5 lists that I recorded for their show.  Please give their outstanding show a listen!

It took awhile, but I have taken up your challenge for the five most important science fiction movies. This was much harder than the television list because not only was the field much larger, SciFi cinema stretches back 110 years. It also spanned enormous changes in technology, production and storytelling – far more than television. Actually, science fiction movies have pushed much of the innovation in movie making generally. (more…)