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Documents To Go : Update is Go!

Posted: September 26, 2013 in Tech
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As promised, I said I would let you know when Docs To Go finally worked. I waited for the last update to be out for awhile, finally installed it myself and have been using it for a week. I’m happy to note that it is now working just fine for me.  Note that I say for me!  As with any software update, your mileage may vary.

There are a few things to note, however… (more…)

Don’t Upgrade: Documents To Go, v.5.0

Posted: September 6, 2013 in Tech
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Ok, iPad users. Many of you know I have strongly supporting the DataViz product Documents To Go as the best office suite available for your device. They have recently updated to a version 5 release.

Avoid this update!

From everything I’ve seen, you will loose a lot of capabilities. Cloud access is broken. If you have purchased the Premium upgrade, there are problems in restoring you Premium status. I’ve seen reports of numerous other problems.

I am keeping a watch out for a bug-fix release and will let people know when one comes out. It’s been a few days, though, and still, “crickets.”

This is particularly disappointing because the products greatest strengths have been it’s compatibility with MS office. No other – not even QuickOffice – comes close and it’s ability to handle larger documents. I was really looking forward to seeing the improved presentation support.

Keep watching.