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Clues To Blindspot!

Posted: October 6, 2015 in Sci-Fi and Fantasy
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BlindspotThe episode titles are clues.  I’ve got a “jump,” but depending on the how you get there, you may go straight to the article.  You’ve been warned!

If you are watching Blindspot, you may not know it, but there are clues in the episode titles.  You might find them “spoilery,” though I believe that if the writers are putting them there by intent, they are part of the show.  So far, I’ve been very hooked on this show, though I didn’t think I would like it.  They are moving the story along quickly, which I like, but was worried if they could sustain it.  I understand the show will follow the “short season” model, so that hopefully means we will get story and not filler.

If you want the clues, follow the jump… (more…)

  Ok, I’ve been watching the old X-Men animated series at the same time Antonio is knocking off season 5 of Babylon 5.  That combination watch has made me not ice something I have not seen before.  

Is it just me or had anyone else noticed the similarities between Lyta Alwzander and Jean Grey? 

 The Lyta from The Gathering and pre-Vorlon version were middling enough, though admittedly not as annoying as Jean.  Though my wife does point out that if you include Talia, the theory is right on target.  The. Once the Vorlins get hi, she becomes this enhanced super-guardian of Light.  

But what really tipped me off was now in season 5 where Lyta is going all Dark Phoenix on us.   Heck, Pat Tallman could have easily play Jean Grey in the movies.  

When you consider JMS’ fondness and relationships with comics, is this just s coincidence?  Admittedly, Lyta hasn’t been killed as much as Jean, but then who has?  I can’t hp but wonder. 

What are your thoughts on it?

X-men evolutionYou know?  I was rather disappointed.  My wife and I just finished the entire 4 seasons of X-Men: Evolution and they didn’t kill Jean Grey once!!!  I mean, seriously?!?  How can it be X-Men without her being deceased.  Even the movies had the decency to kill her twice.

Other than that, it was actually quite enjoyable.  There were some significant shifts from canon.   The Wolverine-Cyclops tension is missing and it did annoy me a bit that they wrote out Nightcrawler’s devoutness.

Still, it was really well done.  The voicing is much better than the old ’94 series.  Kitty seems most unchanged from the original material.  There was a very nice tip of the hat to the Rogue-Gambit relationship.  Storm was seriously badass and had the long flowing hair.  No short crop or mohawk.

It looks like they were setting up the Phoenix story at the end.  I would have been nice if they had been able to do it.  If for no other reason than to get Jean killed at least once.

TMZ reports Star Trek actress Nichelle Nichols suffered a mild stroke Wednesday night.

Source: ‘Star Trek’ actress Nichelle Nichols reportedly suffered stroke | Fox News

Oh, no!  You are in our prayers Nichelle.  Get better soon.

"Star Trek: Into Darkness" - Los Angeles Premiere - ArrivalsLeonard Nimoy, Spock of ‘Star Trek,’ Dies at 83 –

A great man passes.  You will be missed.