Thoughts From the Fringe

During the late 3rd and continuing through the end of the series in season 5, I wrote and/or recorded a continuing series of commentaries on the television show Fringe.  These were sent in to the podcast show Fringecasting with Wayne and Dan.  In response to a few queries and with Wayne’s gracious permission, I have presented the transcripts for these reviews here.  Be warned, though it may be obvious, there are spoilers here!

TFTF – The Finale (s5e12-13)

TFTF – The Boy Must Live (s5e11)

TFTF – Anomaly (s5e10)

TFTF – Season 4 Episode 1

I would also encourage you – even though Fringe may be finished – to check out Wayne’s site:  He has many of the old episodes available and you can also find them on iTunes.  It is a great show.

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