Welcome to the Christian Geek

Buttons and lights in the Man-Cave

Buttons and lights in the Man-Cave

Here is the first of the changes that I have mentioned for the ‘Geek.  We are now on our own hosted domain.  At this point, you should not see any changes from the free WordPress.com site except perhaps an improvement in performance.  Make sure you update your bookmarks and links to this new page!

Welcome to the Christian Geek. It’s pretty safe to say that this will not be your typical blog. Tech, gadgets, sci-fi and geekery in general are welcome here as well as Christian thought and perspectives. Though you don’t often see them together, there is no reason why they shouldn’t mix.

Originally, I was thinking of writing just a SciFi blog. And then a tech blog. Oh, and I’m also a pretty good sound engineer, as well. But what about all my thoughts on apologetics?

Yeah. A bit of a problem.

I didn’t really want to try and manage multiple blogs or send my readers shuffling all over the web. I also did want to take on these issues from a Christian perspective. That doesn’t mean that I plan to preach a sermon every post nor do I intend to bring theology into everything. However, I’m not going to sanitize my writing from my Christian world-view.

Before Reviewing the pages here – and especially before posting – I would encourage you to read the information in Welcome To My Sandbox. It will make all our lives here much more fun! It’s right up there in the About menu. That said, please post. That’s how I’ll be able to gauge interest.

There is one thing you can do to help. If you like what you read, please “Like” the posts. Also feel free to share the reference. There are buttons for all along the bottom of the posts that will help you do this. Also, please don’t hesitate to comment. The more activity I see, the more I’ll be inspired to write new content.

Just remember that this is a work in progress. As my proficiency improves I will be changing the way things function here. Don’t panic though, my goal will be to never make it hard for you to find the areas of your interest.

God Bless,