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  Ok, I’ve been watching the old X-Men animated series at the same time Antonio is knocking off season 5 of Babylon 5.  That combination watch has made me not ice something I have not seen before.  

Is it just me or had anyone else noticed the similarities between Lyta Alwzander and Jean Grey? 

 The Lyta from The Gathering and pre-Vorlon version were middling enough, though admittedly not as annoying as Jean.  Though my wife does point out that if you include Talia, the theory is right on target.  The. Once the Vorlins get hi, she becomes this enhanced super-guardian of Light.  

But what really tipped me off was now in season 5 where Lyta is going all Dark Phoenix on us.   Heck, Pat Tallman could have easily play Jean Grey in the movies.  

When you consider JMS’ fondness and relationships with comics, is this just s coincidence?  Admittedly, Lyta hasn’t been killed as much as Jean, but then who has?  I can’t hp but wonder. 

What are your thoughts on it?

Great Serial SciFi

Posted: January 10, 2013 in Sci-Fi and Fantasy
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Those who have known me for any length of time know that my all-time favorite science fiction television series is Babylon 5.  Indeed, it is not only my favorite series but defensibly one of the most important television shows made to this date.  Babylon 5 (Bab 5 or B5, to fans) set a long string of firsts for TV Sci-Fi as well as television in general.  One of these is that after almost 20 years it is still the most successfully executed serial story to make it to the small screen.  The question becomes “Why?”  There have been a lot of great Sci-Fi serials since.  What has Babylon 5 had that these others have missed?

I think it comes down to two things; planning and the balance between plot and character.  Joe Straczynski made no compromises on either of these two issues.  He also took a uniquely realistic approach to both.  Let’s look at these in order. (more…)