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Destiny 2I’m a late comer to the video game Destiny, starting just last year near shortly before the end of Year 2.  However, in that short time I have become a solid fan of the game, it’s mechanics, and its outstanding player community.  It has outstanding gunplay and movement, it is incredibly immersive with amazing visuals, and has a unique “more open” world that supports team play, solo play, running around making things go boom, and excellent player v. player options.  Also in something that at least seems unique, it has no swearing or graphic sex.  In short, the game was just plain fun.

While it has held up well over the last 3 years, it is getting a bit dated and due for a refresh.  Enter Destiny 2.  This new game updates not only the mechanics, but continues the story as humanity struggles for survival and finding its place amongst the stars.  This week, the developer – Bungie of Halo fame – has released the beta for the new game.  I was lucky enough to be given an early access code for the closed portion of the beta release.  My son and I both spent some time with our fingers on the controller giving Destiny 2 a workout.  What follows after the jump are the very first impressions after only a very short time playing.

Bear in my, there is no effort to avoid spoilers, so don’t click to continue if you don’t want to read details.


Sorry, looks like just another FPS.  I’m really tired of these.

Destiny, the world’s most expensive video game, cost £300 million to make | Mail Online.

Give me a good space sim game that I can use with my Saitek HOTAS stick and throttle and you will get my money.  Let’s reboot the Wing Commander or Freespace franchises.  

Even better, how about modernizing Independence War.  It had the best flight and combat system of them all.  Full Newtonian physics!  Give us that, and 000hhhhhhh! make it multiplayer.  AWESOME!

Wouldn’t mind seeing something new in the Mech Warrior world, either.