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This may be seen as more political than I normally allow The Christian Geek to be, however this is extremely relevant to the scope of the site.  It has huge implications to both religious speech and it is one of the top tech issues of the day.  You really need to read Mr. Crovitz article.  It puts the issue out very clearly.
L. Gordon Crovitz: From Internet to Obamanet – WSJ.

What you have to keep in mind here is that he mentions both critical impact areas of what he calls “Obamanet” (I like that phrase…)  The most important thing to take away is that these are regulations being passed to fix a problem that does not exist.

Everyone keeps focusing on the economics.   Yes, problems have threatened, but market pressures have prevented them from coming about.  Market forces have kept the internet working smoothly and more responsively than government could ever possibly do.  Yet this is not the real danger of the impending federal regulations.

The real danger of these regulations is (more…)

The Phablets Are Coming. Not.

Posted: January 29, 2015 in Tech
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Phablet 2

Saw this on Fox News today:

Massive smartphones are not only here to stay, but they’re about to take over the world | Fox News.

I do get where the Juniper is coming from in this article, but I don’t think they are quite right.

Yes, the “phablet” is certainly here to stay and it does fill an important role.  However I do not think they are going to take over as the dominant format.  Or if they do, it will be a short-lived bump (i.e. an outlier).

Who will prefer the phablet format?  That’s not hard to figure out. (more…)

Lower your expectations: Apple Watch battery life report looks grim | Fox News.

In other words, the watch has plenty of power for everything you need.  As long as you don’t use it.

Folks need to remember that while Apple has had some stupendous successes, it has also had some spectacular flops.  Somehow I have a feeling that the Apple Watch, iWatch or whatever it’s finally called is going to be the Lisa of iOS.

Hewlett-Packard to Split into Two Public Companies | Fox Business.

This could be a good thing.  When IBM split off their PC business everyone won.  Plus it looks like HP isn’t entirely letting go of their printer operation.

One funny thought in all this, though… With the advent of mega-corporations, it’s always interesting to see them break up because they’ve gotten “too big.”  Unfortunately, I don’t see this bringing Palm back.  That’s one thing the geek in me would still love to see.

Sorry, looks like just another FPS.  I’m really tired of these.

Destiny, the world’s most expensive video game, cost £300 million to make | Mail Online.

Give me a good space sim game that I can use with my Saitek HOTAS stick and throttle and you will get my money.  Let’s reboot the Wing Commander or Freespace franchises.  

Even better, how about modernizing Independence War.  It had the best flight and combat system of them all.  Full Newtonian physics!  Give us that, and 000hhhhhhh! make it multiplayer.  AWESOME!

Wouldn’t mind seeing something new in the Mech Warrior world, either.