Once Upon A LOST Remake

Posted: November 30, 2013 in Once, Sci-Fi and Fantasy
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The Once writers seem to be fans of a certain show that once drove public imagination for many years.  At least they have been accused of such by some of the fandom.  I’ve had my own random thoughts in that regard: 

    • Mysterious uncharted and mystical island that can only be reached with the island’s permission.  And it seems that mermaids can reach the outside world through the Looking Glass station, too.
    • The cripple is out on walkabout.  At least this time he got rid of the big badass knife…
    • The island drawing it’s power from the water – which incidentally has some magical healing power
    • Smoke monsters.  Or shadows.  Whatever.
    • Apollo bars (apparently to make sure we cannot miss the parallels)
    • The Lost Other Boys
    • The Jolly Roger Six
    • Plenty of flash-backs and flash-asides
    • Is Pan supposed to be Benjamin Linus or Jacob???  Ok, I suppose we know the answer to that one now, but why didn’t Rumple’s dad have a jumpsuit that said “Workman.”  And where’s the VW van?
    • “Not Wendy’s Bed”
    • Even more mysterious satellite island where Bad Things happen.  (Where’s Frank?)
    • Well, at least Neal didn’t have to watch Hook and Kate make out.
    • Emile De Ravin.  At least Belle wasn’t cuddling a Squirrel Baby… (I’d have given up on the show if that happened)
    • Tinkerousseau.  And why couldn’t they get Mira Fulan to play Tink?
    • Guy Liner.  There’s no escaping it…
    • There’s something “special” about the boy
    • Who got off easier?  Nikki and Paulo or Greg and Tamara?
    • Where’s the dog?

Is this a long desired 7th season of the mega-hit LOST?  Not at all, though it sure seems like it.  This is the 3rd season of ABC’s Once Upon A Time.  The series has been focusing on a Peter Pan thread taking place in Neverland.  That alone certainly opens the opportunity for some LOST tributes, but so far, the ONCE writers haven’t missed an opportunity to borrow from its predecessor.  Is this good or bad?  That remains to be seen.  The previews indicate that this arc will be wrapped up in the next episode.  A big part of me is glad.  I’ve been on the record more than once bemoaning the lack or originality in the genre and I’ll be glad to see the show get back it’s roots in Storeybrook.  Rather than focusing on just the Jolly Six, I’d like to see some effort made to draw all the characters and story threads back together.  That’s my hope for the second half of the season.

Am I overstating the parallels between OUAT and LOST?  I don’t think so.  What are your thoughts?  Have I missed any parallels?

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