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Posted: November 27, 2013 in General

I’ve had a few questions about where I’ve been over the last few months, regarding the blog.  I’ve also been much reduced in my social network activity, doing little more than repost some articles that interest me on my Facebook page.  I’d like to take a few moments to give an update to my friends who may not know yet.

The short answer is that the last six months have been a visit to Hell for me.  Between crisis at work, home and pretty much everywhere else, I’ve far exceeded my exhaustion point.  Honestly, I had reached the “burnt-out, totally exhausted” stage last October, but haven’t had the opportunity to try and recover.

On the work front, I had my regulatory affairs guy quit at the beginning of June.  Then my project manager left at the end of August.  All just in time for a very tough audit at the beginning of October.  An audit which is normally a three man job.  Just me.  Yep.  Somehow, I managed to get through it.  Well, no.  There is no “somehow.”  It was God and God’s will alone that got me through.  Still, it took another month to resolve the results of the audit – also not a surprise for anyone who has dealings with such things.

On the home front, we are still dealing with the repercussions of some health issues my wife has had.  All is improving on that end, but still it takes a lot out of you watching someone you love so much go through that kind of trial.  It’s draining.

On top of that, in mid-June, my father had a heart attack.  He did survive the event, against all odds and was even recovering.  It should have been a text-book case.  Enough so that I was looking forward to my vacation time I had taken off during the first weeks of July.  God, however, had other plans.  On the first day of vacation, my father went into septic shock.  On the second day of vacation he went home to his Lord and Savior.  I will say this; God was glorified in my father’s passing and he went peacefully and at the end of a long and good life.  Nevertheless, I did not any of the rest I so desperately needed.

Finally, now, at Thanksgiving time I have finally gotten some badly needed rest and sleep.  Rest and sleep are not the same thing, at all, if you haven’t experienced true exhaustion.  No, this isn’t enough time to fully recover, but I think that as of today, I’m actually on the mend.   I’ll have more time off over Christmas.

What has this meant for The Christian Geek?  The most obvious is that I’ve had little time or endurance to write.  Rather than writing bad articles, I decided it would be more respectful to readers to not write at all.

Nevertheless, the world has gone forward around me.  Geeky goodness has continued to come out.  I have taken up pen and keyboard again and lots of pent-up words have been flowing out.  In a way it may work out well.  I seem to be coming back online as we come into mid-season breaks on the overflowing of great SciFi television.  There are a load of awesome movies hitting the big screen.  The tech world is about to get very fun, with the Christmas season coming upon us.  Finally, I’ve found the St. Louis chapter for Reasonable Faith.  This is an apologetics group that takes its name for Christian apologist William Lane Craig’s definitive work.

All in all, a great time to get back into the groove.

So keep an eye out.  There’s going to be much more coming to The Christian Geek over the next several months.  For me, winter is always a great time to write and life is shaping up such that I can take advantage of it.

Oh, and if you listen to the SciFi Diner podcast, pay close attention in the next few weeks.  There may be a nice surprise coming.

I close with a thank you to the many of you who have kept me in your prayers.  It’s to God’s credit and glory that I’ve made it through these trials and your prayers helped.

God bless and have a Happy Thanksgiving and a truly joyous Christmas!

  1. I found your site today and have been visitnig around. Sorry that you have gone through so much. I pray the Lord allow you, your wife and extended family swift and complete recovery. I too enjoy apologetics. I just published my first in a three-book series, “Examine Your Faith! Finding Truth in a World of Lies.” It’s endorsed by Josh McDowell, Dr. Craig Hazen and Dan Story, among others. You can see the book trailer and learn more at my web site. I welcome your response. The book is available most places (Amazon and Barns and Noble have great reviews listed too) and if you should choose to get it I’d like to know your response to that too.

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