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It looks like we get a short break before the big rush to the finish.  For that reason, I’m spacing this review and analysis out just a bit to fall midway of the hiatus.  This should also give people a chance to get caught up on any episodes before reading this review.  I will note that this write-up is going to be more analysis and less review than some of the prior.  I am assuming you’ve seen and remember the episode.

Selfless, Brave and True was an episode that had a lot happening.  Though a few new questions were raised, we got a lot more answers — some of which have been hanging since season one.  Not only that, but one story thread seems closed and the pieces are mostly in place for the final sweep of towards the end of this season.  Personally, I think there is also a bit of set-up for season three as well. (more…)

OUAT – Welcome To Storybrooke (s2e17)

Posted: March 21, 2013 in Once
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Ok, Once fans.  I have to warn you what I’m going to be writing is going to sound like a bit of a rant, but the truth is, I am really only reflecting sentiments in line with more than one character on the show itself.  Let me make it clear; I really liked this episode.  Where it may sound as if I’m getting irritated I am sure the writers are pushing me – and the people in Storybrooke – in that direction on purpose.

To put is simply, Regina’s obsession with revenge is really reaching the point of a tiresome, cloying hypocrisy.  Is she really that much of a one-trick pony?  Personally, I think the story was written – and acted – to elicit that exact response.  I’ll get into this after I highlight some points in the episode that particularly stood out for me.  That will help when I come back to this.  (more…)

Well now.

That was an episode to consider.

What I find the most amazing thing about this week’s show is that this is only the 16th episode of a 22 episode season.  For almost any other show I can think of, this episode could have been a season finale. Yet we still have roughly a third of a season remaining.  Further, this last third of the season is going to have a completely changed dynamic to anything the show has had up to this point.

This was an episode of the women of Once, so that will be my main focus this time.  However, I will have some comments on the other characters at the end. (more…)

OUAT – The Queen Is Dead (s2e15)

Posted: March 7, 2013 in Once
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This is proving a rather difficult review to write.  There are a lot of things in this episode that I really like.  However, there are also parts that concern me, particularly in how it relates to the direction of the show as a whole.  It’s only the first tingling of concern; my trust in the writers is still reasonably strong.  That said, this episode – and the last few, for that matter – have been quite dense adventures that really demand a second viewing.

We were previously left with a family tree for Emma and Henry that looks more like a Bradford Pear after the tornado.  We had the unholy trio of Regina, Cora and Hook seemingly plotting death and destruction to half of Storybrooke.  And who knows what’s been going on with Red, the dwarves or the rest of the “royal council.”  Though we’ve been got answers, it seemed like every answer led to two new questions.


OUAT – Manhattan (s2e14)

Posted: February 26, 2013 in Once, Sci-Fi and Fantasy
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Well, for the moment I’m sitting pretty smug.  Not only did I get a lot of predictions right, Charming and Snow were actually discussing exactly the holiday situation and family relationships that I did just a few blogs prior.  I know I may sound a bit “gushy,” but I continue to be impressed by this show.  Pretty much everything in this episode has been telegraphed at some point, sometimes as early as season one.  Then the writers made the “Big Reveals” of the show at or near the beginning.  A cynic could argue that the episode was essentially over within the first 10 minutes.

And yet, my family and I were riveted until the very last moment.  It requires a great deal of courage for writers to risk the approach they did in this episode.  It also takes great planning.  When it’s done right, you get great television.  The consequences of a great many actions came due and the bulk of the episode was spent in the ramifications of those consequences.  This episode easily falls into my top three best.